Fr. Ljubo (Branimir) Lebo
Fr.  LeboFr. Ljubo was born in Otok near Vinkovci October 3, 1958. He completed grade school in Posusje and then went on the Franciscan high school in Visoko. He joined the FranciscanOrder on July 15, 1977 in Humac. Hi completed his philosophical and theological studies in Sarajevo, Zagreb and Jerusalem where he earned a Master's degree at the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum (1987). He immigrated to the US on April 16, 1987 and was appointed pastor at St. Mark's in Sudbury, Canada. He stayed there for 8 years until his appointment as pastor at St. Nikola Tavelić in Montreal, Canada in 1995.  In September 2001, Fr. Ljubo takes on the leadership roll in both Croatian parishes in Sudbury, St. Mark and Holy Trinity. Since 2006, Fr. Ljubo serves in Windsor.